About Yola Gilibert

Yola Gilibert started developing an interest in art and aesthetics at an early age. Born and raised in Mexico City, she grew up within a rich cultural environment. She found a strong connection to art during her studies in architecture, but it wasn’t until she moved to Florida and Boston that she felt she was ready to develop her painting as a channel of self-expression and self-awareness.

Yola completed art classes in abstract painting at a local museum in Boston and a degree in painting techniques at the Milan Art Institute. Yola says, “My artwork aims at the heart in hopes of inspiring others to express their own stories.” Her style is mostly abstract realism and utilizes mixed media oil as her medium.

She currently lives and works in her studio outside of Boston. Her dream is to travel the world, create art retreats, and inspire people to connect with their own passion for painting.



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